Experts in the hydro-propulsion domain, Zapata Racing® has a know-how dedicated to performance.

Aware that quality is a major asset to sustainable development of a firm, Zapata Racing® is committed to:

  • Satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers
  • Make sure performances improvement are made
  • Meet legal obligations

Strengthened by this state of mind, Zapata Racing® has proven able to stay close to loyal customers whilst pursuing new markets conquest.

Zapata Racing® has also the promise and guaranty of high quality products “Made in France”.
To ensure the users security, all of our products are put through a battery of tests in the most extreme conditions.

With the R&D department working all year-long and surrounded by the best technicians, Zapate Racing® makes it possible to continuously offer more innovative and powerful products.

After-sale service

In order to fulfill our priority to meet customers’ expectations and ensure customers’ satisfaction, Zapata Racing® is offering a top quality after-sale service.

Zapata Racing® is committed to accompany customers before, during and after your purchase.
In order to do so, our team is at your disposal and offers full support in case of any issues or repairs necessary.
To serve and satisfy the customer is one of the cornerstone of our commitment.

If you wish to reach the after-sale service, do not hesitate to contact us at :